Ninja Weight-loss Stack

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The Ninja weight loss stack will have you shredded in no time! Our Ninja Burn product is no joke! It's formulated for a 3 capsule serving but we doubt most Ninjas will need more than 2 capsules. We have a ton of awesome ingredients that are proven to promote weight loss, including 6 patented ingredients.

If you workout in the morning take Ninja up so you crush your workout. At lunch time to mid afternoon take Ninja Burn and this will give you increased energy, help suppress your appetite and provide nootropics for focus in a caloric deficit. Let's not forget the thermogetics that will raise your core temperature and help you burn extra calories at rest! If you workout in the evening just switch it up and take Ninja Burn in the morning and take Ninja Up when you workout in the afternoon. Ninja Recovery is best used intra workout or post workout and even throughout the day for extra hydration support. It's even good for a hangover but we wouldn't encourage drinking....

It's time to level up!