About Us

To whom it may concern…

… Just kidding. Boring!

So, we’re two Aussies but we like to think Ninja’s!

What idiots!
Launching a new brand in 2020! Who does that? Riots, Elections, Global Pandemic and lockdowns..

I’d like to say we’re two Aussies throwing caution into the wind and living in the United States of America, but as of writing this one of us, is still stuck in Australia. Damn you Rona, I guess we should say Covid-19.

So, while one of us hones their Ninja skills across the other side of the world, this Ninja is doing all the heavy lifting.

So, if you haven’t guessed it yet, we are two guys who love to grind, bust our asses in the gym and live life. We have been secretly working on this brand for over a year now and believe we have something great!

Ninja isn’t your typical brand, we work on our own terms and we’re focused on being the best so you can level up!
Our supplements have been formulated without cost in mind so our Ninja’s get the best ingredients, dosed at practical levels without cutting any corners. We also have open label so you know exactly what in our products!
Our yet to be revealed, top secret apparel is elevated, custom and tailored, made for the active Ninja inside and outside the gym and workout arena.

We’re just getting started!

It’s time to level up!