So when you introduce a friend or family member to Ninja, they will be linked to your own unique membership number. Every time they purchase a product you will get a star. If they purchase a 3 product stack, you will receive 3 stars. You can use these stars to purchase new products of your own. Later when we release our apparel line you will be able to use these stars for the purchase of any apparel on the site as well as the supplements. How to earn Stars:

  •  When any of your direct members you introduced to the brand, now linked to your membership ID purchases any product you will receive a single star per product purchased.
  • Birthday Stars
  • Leaving a review on the site to earn a star (Limit per month)
  • Follow Ninja on Facebook
  • Follow Ninja on Instagram
  • Refer a friend to receive a star. They will get a single use 15% coupon discount.
  • Purchase supplements directly from
  • Share Ninja on Facebook
  • Bonus star days

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